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Veterans Make Great PhotoFax Investigators


The position of field investigator at PhotoFax, Inc is not an easy job. A career in the field of investigations with us takes a large amount of discipline, dedication, and basic common sense. A person needs to adapt to any situation that may arise, think on their feet, and execute successful decisions while multi-tasking under duress. We can think of no singular field that better prepares candidates for this job than our own U.S. Armed Forces! No matter the branch, our best investigators historically have been veterans. The integrity of self and confidence of each of these proud service members has served as a fine basis to the transition to civilian life with a career at PhotoFax. Not to mention the pride we here at PhotoFax feel in being able to help those with employment who selflessly sacrificed to ensure our freedoms. If you are a transitioning service member looking for a job that you know you will succeed in, please look no further than PhotoFax. You can send a resume to John Todaro at


John Todaro

Head of Recruiting