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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

With so many natural disasters happening around the world, PhotoFax, Inc. decided to take a break from business and lend a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey victims.  Teaming with the, a non profit organization based out of Illinois, PhotoFax was able to help raise over $7,000 worth of supplies and goods to send to… Read More

IASIU Conference New Orleans 2017

IASIU Conference 2017                 We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to our booth at the IASIU Conference in New Orleans this week.  We met a lot of great people, and also were able to catch up with our clients who attended.  Due to the recent natural disasters that have been occurring in… Read More

Veterans Make Great PhotoFax Investigators

The position of field investigator at PhotoFax, Inc is not an easy job. A career in the field of investigations with us takes a large amount of discipline, dedication, and basic common sense. A person needs to adapt to any situation that may arise, think on their feet, and execute successful decisions while multi-tasking under… Read More