PhotoFax Celebrates 30 Years In Business!

  “I’m pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. Being one of the few woman owned surveillance companies in the United States, we are ecstatic that not only have we lasted this long, but we are thriving and continuing to grow 30 years later. Thank you to all of our loyal customers […]

Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

With so many natural disasters happening around the world, PhotoFax, Inc. decided to take a break from business and lend a helping hand to Hurricane Harvey victims.  Teaming with the, a non profit organization based out of Illinois, PhotoFax was able to help raise over $7,000 worth of supplies and goods to send to […]

IASIU Conference New Orleans 2017

IASIU Conference 2017                 We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to our booth at the IASIU Conference in New Orleans this week.  We met a lot of great people, and also were able to catch up with our clients who attended.  Due to the recent natural disasters that have been occurring in […]

A Storm Is Coming & Why Surveillance Vendors Are Scared

The Storm When a client assigns surveillance on a subject, they are looking for results.  Results can vary from confirming that a subject is actually hurt or obtaining evidence suggesting that the subject is exaggerating or faking the injury.  The only way to reach a conclusion is to document and surveil the person in question. […]

Veterans Make Great PhotoFax Investigators

The position of field investigator at PhotoFax, Inc is not an easy job. A career in the field of investigations with us takes a large amount of discipline, dedication, and basic common sense. A person needs to adapt to any situation that may arise, think on their feet, and execute successful decisions while multi-tasking under […]

The Argument for Millennials as Private Investigators

Spring is the time of year that those in the recruiting business begin to get more resumes from recent college graduates. As many of us get older, we fall into that old trap of glorifying our own work trends and attitudes and criticizing all following generations for not being the same.  The current generation entering […]

The Creation and Evolution of the PhotoFax®, Inc. U.S.V

In 2012, when the U.S.V. was born, we had set out to reinvent surveillance for the work comp and long term disability markets. We were driven by a vision of to create a very high quality surveillance system that was different, more discreet and produced better results than traditional surveillance.  Our vision was radically different […]

Over 30 Years of Success

The PhotoFax name means a commitment to quality. Our mission is to create customers for life. This guarantees that we will provide first class treatment from the moment our customer assigns a file. We will provide high-quality information with a quick turnaround time. PhotoFax will always maintain a “customer comes first” focus.