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PhotoFax®, Inc. Services


Below is a list of services that we provide.  For a more detailed description please click the service name or feel free to call our main headquarters and we would be happy to help.  (800) 659-9351.

  • Social Network Check – Investigation of any social networking accounts that the subject may have in their name or that they may be affiliated by way of family members and friends.
  • Internet Monitoring Service – This service is generally ordered after a confirmed active and public social networking account has been found for the subject. We monitor the account twice a week for six weeks.
  • Activity Check – We investigate and focus on the subject’s activities. We use investigative techniques to determine a subject’s daily activities and schedule. This service also includes public records, employment check, social networking, and other various activities.
  • Background Check – Obtain a subject’s background history including but not limited to criminal, civil, and public records.
  • Medical Check – A comprehensive search for past treatment locations and nature of visits, within a 70 mile radius of the subject’s residence.
  • Alive and Well Check – In person meeting used to determine overall health status and to obtain proof of life of the subject.
  • Employment Verifications – Confirming a person’s employment.
  • Skip tracing – Obtain and confirm the subject’s current address.