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Fraud Fighting Podcast

Fraud Fighting Podcast – Featuring Lars Skaar

Lars joins the Fraud Fighting Podcast to discuss Legentic and the exciting new wave of technology they’re bringing to the fraud industry.  


Fraud Fighting Podcast – Featuring Jay Bobrowsky

Jay joins the podcast to discuss his involvement in the Anti-Fraud Alliance and what is in the future for the AFA.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast – NYSSIU Upcoming Seminars

James Egner joins us to update the fraud community on where the NYSSIU is headed in 2021.  


Fraud Fighting Podcast – Arinze Joins The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

At the end of Season 1 we said goodbye to Jim Quiggle.  In this episode we introduce his replacement, Arzine Ifekauche.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast – Farewell Jim Quiggle

Jim Quiggle’s last professional interview before retiring from the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud!

Fraud Fighting Podcast – The Impact of Covid-19 on Investigative Procedures.

Featuring Joe Brady & Jonathan Ayers

The impact of Covid-19 on investigative procedures.   A must watch!  


Fraud Fighting Podcast featuring Carnell Jones

Carnell Jones discusses becoming the new Vice President of the Chicago RIMS Chapter.  The Chicago RIMS Chapter is the largest RIMS Chapter in the world!  

Fraud Fighting Podcast featuring Mike Chism

Mike Chism discusses the International Claims Association (ICA) and why it’s beneficial to be a member.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast featuring Margaret Fleming

Margaret talks about what to expect from IASIU 2020’s virtual seminar.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast featuring Ron Bryant

Ron Bryant discusses the changes in SIU Today for 2020.  

Telemedicine: The Next Medical Fraud Wave?

Jim Quiggle and Thomas Fraysse join the Fraud Fighting Podcast to discuss the upcoming wave of fraud in regards to Telemedicine.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast: The Journey of a Risk Manager

Andrew Adams discusses his journey on becoming a risk manager and offers some friendly advice to anyone looking to get into risk management.  

Fraud Fighting Podcast Featuring James Egner

James Egner, President of NYSSIU, discusses what NYSSIU is all about and why it is beneficial to be a member.  

PhotoFax Podcast Featuring Leonard Acquaye

Leonard Acquaye discusses his new company VenAssure and how its been dealing with the current pandemic while being a start up company in the fraud industry.