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Medical Check Investigation

PhotoFax®, Inc.
Medical Check Investigation

With our Medical Check Investigation we canvass up to a 70 mile radius of the claimant’s residence, or place of business, to determine if medical treatment has occurred prior to the date of injury.  To save our clients the time and hassle of having to sift through an entire report, we have a ranking system that will help you determine what further steps you should take in your investigation.

Conducting a Medical Check is an important tool for any fraud investigation.  Our Medical Checks help determine the following:

  • If the injury was pre-existing.
  • If the claimant has a history of injuries.
  • If the subject received non-reported (or undisclosed) treatment prior to the DOL.
  • If the subject is exhibiting drug-seeking behavior.
  • Determine treatment pattern during a specific time period.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Medical Check Investigation consists of, please take a moment to watch our one minute tutorial above.