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About Us

Established in 1988, PhotoFax®, Inc. has been recognized as one of the national leaders in the surveillance industry. We pride ourselves on being the front runners in new technology, and are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways to serve our clients. Our highly reliable solutions create a formidable first line of defense in Workers Compensation, Liability, and Long Term Disability claims. Ninety-Five percent of our clients are insurance carriers, third party administrators, and large self-insured companies who retain our services to detect insurance fraud through the use of video surveillance and special investigations.

The PhotoFax corporate office is located in Hampshire, Illinois. Regional offices are private and are strategically placed throughout the United States. The primary reason for our success is our corporate design. We realized that customers were faced with only two logical decisions when it came to obtaining quality surveillance and investigative services. They could choose between the small mom & pop shops (who are known for outstanding customer service and attention to detail)…, and the large National investigative firms (who are known for expansive coverage areas & speedy service).

We are successful because we have found a way to COMBINE the STRENGTHS and ELIMINATE the WEAKNESSES of both National and Small investigative companies.

Meet the Team


The exclusive use of PhotoFax, helped me to attain a significant reduction in our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) from 1.1 to an unbelievable .54
– Matt McKeon, Director of Safety  

When I hear a case with widely divergent doctors’ opinions, I must consider all of the evidence put before me.  Surveillance is one of those aspects I have to consider when rendering my opinion.

– Michael Blackmur, Former Arbitrator

Video doesn’t lie…, and with PhotoFax, I can positively confirm what physical limitations my claimants DO and DO NOT have.
– Linda McCarthy, Sr. Claim Rep

Incident Reporting Procedures

To report any issues or technical problems please contact

Additionally, you can call 800-659-9351 and report any issues or technical problems to the PhotoFax IT Department.


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