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The Creation and Evolution of the PhotoFax®, Inc. U.S.V


In 2012, when the U.S.V. was born, we had set out to reinvent surveillance for the work comp and long term disability markets. We were driven by a vision of to create a very high quality surveillance system that was different, more discreet and produced better results than traditional surveillance.  Our vision was radically different from what our clients’ past experiences had been.  It was this vision which led PhotoFax®, Inc. to create a unique and powerful remotely operated surveillance system which utilized unmanned vehicles.

What now seems obvious to us today was an idea we crafted alone with a home grown team of industry experts and brilliant technical minds.  Countless hours were spent diligently building, designing, learning and revising this system through trial and error until we created the system that we have today.  Although nearly perfected, our team constantly works to improve the system with technological advancements in order to maximize the benefits our clients receive from the product.  In a state of perpetual self improvement, the PhotoFax “think tank” meets regularly to share ideas, to discuss strategies and to implement new technology in order to continually advance this system forward in an uncompromised way.

Unlike our competitors; PhotoFax takes a “less but better” approach to investigations.  This philosophy allows us to make tremendous progress in fewer directions when it comes to improving our surveillance and background department services; as opposed to making little to no progress in many different directions.  Simply stated, we believe that doing fewer things really well is better than doing many things at a mediocre to poor level.  Focusing on what we do better than anyone else has made PhotoFax the undisputed leader in the surveillance industry.

Fast forward to today and we are now able to:

  • Conduct surveillance in absolute secrecy anywhere in the country from generic, unmanned surveillance vehicles.
  • Use unmanned vehicles which are equipped with hidden, high powered HD cameras which have full pan, tilt and high powered zoom capabilities.
  • We remotely operate and control our cameras from our corporate headquarters by licensed private detectives.
  • Conduct surveillance continuously, 24 hours per day for up to 5 – 7 days.
  • Offer unmanned surveillance rates that are less that $25 per hour on a 24 hour basis.
  • Produce 3 times the average amount of film per day than traditional surveillance.

If you are looking for a company which is innovative and forward thinking, then PhotoFax®, Inc. is the only choice.  We refuse to settle for the “same old same old” way of conducting investigations.  Unlike most of our competition; we refuse to conduct surveillance with underpaid, poorly trained investigators who work out of their personal vehicles.  Sure this allows the competition to offer services at a lower price but their methods are simply ineffective and the product is vastly inferior.  One cannot affectively conduct a single; and especially a multiple day, investigation while sitting in the front seat of a vehicle.  The investigator is prone to break position often and can easily be detected by any passerby.

For these reasons, we outfit our field agents in customized surveillance vehicles which allow them to remain comfortable and hidden while conducting your investigation.  We advanced that philosophy even further by creating the Unmanned Surveillance Vehicle system that we have today.  It is hands down the most discreet and affective way to conduct surveillance investigations.

We look forward to what the future has in store for our research and development team.  Their forward thinking will undoubtedly lead to the next level of surveillance techniques, whatever they may be.


Chris Henkle

Vice President of Operations