“Red Flags”

Not only is bodily injury insurance fraud illegal, it can strain operations as well as lead to higher insurance-related costs for honest businesses.  Nonetheless, there are always going to be individuals who try to get around this and cheat the system. If you’ve been involved in insurance claims for any length of time, I would […]

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The Importance of Research and Development

It’s human nature to fall into a schedule of predictability.  We become comfortable with how we do things, so we find no reason to change our behavior.  In the surveillance industry, if an investigative company becomes complacent they become predictable to the subject they are observing.  This is why new technology and tactics need to […]

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The Argument for Millennials as Private Investigators

Spring is the time of year that those in the recruiting business begin to get more resumes from recent college graduates. As many of us get older, we fall into that old trap of glorifying our own work trends and attitudes and criticizing all following generations for not being the same.  The current generation entering […]

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Over 30 Years of Success

The PhotoFax name means a commitment to quality. Our mission is to create customers for life. This guarantees that we will provide first class treatment from the moment our customer assigns a file. We will provide high-quality information with a quick turnaround time. PhotoFax will always maintain a “customer comes first” focus.