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PhotoFax Live


Transparency is the key ingredient to a quality client-customer relationship.  This is why PhotoFax is proud to present PhotoFax Live.  PhotoFax Live is the first program that allows a client to view and experience their case in real time.  No longer must our clients wait for or request an update on their surveillance assignments.  Instead, PhotoFax hands the power to the client, giving them full access to view their surveillance cases as they unfold.  This proprietary technology is exclusively available to PhotoFax and its clients!


Why is this important?  Technology has evolved to give consumers instant access to information.  With your smartphone you can check your stocks, buy a new outfit and text a friend who lives across the country in a matter of seconds.  We believed surveillance needed to advance with the times; thus, handed the idea to our Research & Development team and PhotoFax Live was born.


PhotoFax Live is now officially available for any U.S.V. case assigned in 2016.  Just ask for your User Name & Password when assigning your case and you will be able to view your U.S.V. investigation 24/7 at your own convenience.  This feature is available for your computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.