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Surveillance Investigator

Do you think you have what it takes to become a PhotoFax surveillance specialist? Most of our investigators have a degree in criminal justice or a background in the U.S. military. This does not preclude from consideration those candidates from other disciplines or backgrounds. The common thread running through all of our investigators is an uncompromising competitive nature. This is absolutely critical to reach the upper echelons in the surveillance industry.

You can expect to be pushed to your limits. Multi-state travel is required, as is flexibility in your work schedule. A clean driving record and no criminal record are prerequisites. In exchange, you will learn to become an elite investigator in the industry.

PhotoFax’s success lies in the fact that we only hire the highest caliber individual to receive the training to become a surveillance investigator. This individual will possess high ethical standards, motivation to succeed, and will also maintain excellent physical conditioning. Upon completing the rigorous training program, you would be outfitted with the best equipment available. You will be using a specially equipped surveillance vehicle and state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment. Your goal will be to document any and all activity of those individuals suspected of committing insurance fraud.

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What Will You Become?

Do you have what it takes to become a member of the PhotoFax Surveillance team? If so, please email your resume to or fax your resume to (800)875-7898. PhotoFax offers the following benefits:

Competitive Compensation

Unique Bonus Plan

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

401k Pension Plan

Reimbursed Expenses

State of the Art Equipment

Company Vehicle Provided

Please also contact us regarding our in-house investigator positions that are available.

In House Investigator

Our In-House investigators conduct background checks on individuals to obtain information about a person’s character or personal history.  Our In-House investigators also gather, analyze, compile and report information regarding individuals or organizations. These investigations are conducted from our corporate headquarters located in Hampshire, IL.

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Office Staff

A surveillance company cannot be successful without a truly great office staff. We have many career opportunities at our headquarters in Hampshire, IL which include but are not limited to – Data Entry, Sales, Video Duplication, Report Reviewing, Customer Service and Equipment Managing. We search for candidates from all walks of life that have skills in video technology, communications, and mechanical expertise.

PhotoFax®, Inc. is a great stepping stone into a career in Law Enforcement. Our investigators have used this experience to become

  • Federal Agents with FBI, DEA, ATF, and more
  • Law Enforcement Professionals with State Police
  • Upper Management Claims Professionals in the Insurance Industry
  • Upper Management within PhotoFax®, Inc.
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