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IASIU Conference New Orleans 2017


IASIU Conference 2017

                We wanted to thank everyone who made it out to our booth at the IASIU Conference in New Orleans this week.  We met a lot of great people, and also were able to catch up with our clients who attended.  Due to the recent natural disasters that have been occurring in North America we felt the need to change up the “raffle” format that is typical for conferences.  This year we decided for each business card that we received, we would donate $10 to a Hurricane Irma victim.  This way, anyone who visited our booth and dropped a card in our bowl would be contributing to the relief efforts in Florida.  We are happy to announce that we will be donating $900 in the name of the IASIU Conference!  Again, a special thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and contributed.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!